Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Ocean Lakes Campground

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This is the start of our "Keys Vacation."

The reason for stopping at Myrtle Beach was to visit with Arlene Monroe and Emmett. We had a good time visiting with them but I forgot to take the camera. I wanted to take pictures of us together, her house and the golf course putting green near her backyard.

Maybe I'll have my head on straight next time!

Our site at Ocean Lakes.
This is a great family campground.

The childrens pool.

While walking around the campground we saw this fifth wheel.
It has a "Sky Deck" on top. There is a pull down ladder inside to climb up on. It has seating for 15+ people. It would be ideal for watching the winston cup races.
The seats and rails fold down while on the road.

Collecting rays at Ocean Lakes Campground.

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