Savannah, GA - Part C

Tybee Island - Rivers Edge Campground

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A trip to Savannah means great food!
On each trip to Savannah, we try to hit one of our favorite restaurants,
find a new one, and above all, have an outstanding meal at Iris and Jeff's.

We found a new (to us) restaurant, Savannah Steak House.
It is actually an Italian restaurant and has much more than steaks.
We had a nice talk with the owner.
He gave Iris a glass of 30 year old port for her birthday.

After dinner at the Savannah Steak House we went to Monkeys for some drinks and great dancing. Can you see the monkey holding up Mom?

We had a cool and windy day at the beach on Tybee Island.
Jeff did not mind the wind. He was able to catch a couple of waves.

Here was our best meal. Shrimp and Scallops over pasta.

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