Melbourne Beach, Florida - Part A

Outdoor Resorts of Melbourne Beach.

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We are now back at our favorite campground.

We started coming here when it was called Ocean Holiday. At that time it was a very basic type of campground. It only had one swimming pool, one laundry (with clothes lines), very little grass, and no paved roads.

We were here the year it was purchased by Outdoor Resorts of America and they unveiled the plans for a resort campground. At that time they gave a strong sales pitch to buy lots, but we did not believe they would make all of the improvements they talked about.

They did make all of the changes and also have kept it well maintained.

Site 510 - Our favorite for many years.

The ocean pool. It's water is 80 degrees today.
A great place to relax or do laps after walking the beach.

A view looking back at the campground.
That's Mom in the pool doing laps!

We spent a lot of time in that overlook eating peanuts with the kids and looking at the ocean. Mom is still in the pool doing laps!

Mom is suspended in space.
Those laps are sure tiring!

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