Melbourne Beach, Florida - Part B

Outdoor Resorts of Melbourne Beach.

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We walk the beach every day and get to see a lot of interesting sights.

We came across this blue heron. He allowed us to get real close.
He spent a lot of time walking in the surf and looking for the small fish which are normally near the shoreline. He did not have much luck today fishing.

Looking for fresh fish.

While we were watching him, he quickly turned and looked south.
We thought we scared him.

He was watching a fisherman about 20 yards away.
Every time the fisherman would approach his fishing pole,
the heron would approach him hoping to get a handout.

The heron is looking at the fisherman.
There are some freshly caught fish in the pail which he would sure like to eat!
Whenever the heron would approach the pail the fisherman would yell and it would retreat.
The fisherman asked me if I wanted to take a closer picture.

The fisherman gave me some bait to lure the heron closer.
As soon as I put the bait down on the sand and stepped back, he flew over and had it in his mouth before I could get my camera set.

He downed the bait without even tasting it!
Then he followed me around looking for another fish.

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