Melbourne Beach, Florida - Part C

Outdoor Resorts of Melbourne Beach.

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We enjoy looking at the campsites every year.
The owners are always updating them over the winter.

This is the rear of one of the best sites.
It has a dock in the Indian River and a covered boat hoist.
Most owners take their boats home for the summer.
This guy has other boats at home.

The resort common pier in the Indian River.
This is the one we can use!

This is the River Pool.
It just started being under repair and the water is being drained out.
This Blue Heron spends his time around this part of the campground and is wondering what is happening to the water level. They drink the pool water.

This is the ice cream store (Moo's Soft Serve) which we usually stop at.
Notice all of the old surf boards being used for tables.

Its turtle season again.
Mom is inspecting the turtle tracks from last night.
One came up here, dug a hole and buried her eggs.

Were here in the off season again and things are cheaper.
Even the sand dollars are only worth 60 cents!

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