Homestead, Florida

Everglades National Park.

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We last came to the Everglades about 20 years ago. A lot has changed.
It seams like there is less water and fewer birds and animals.
The National Park and the environmentalists feel that most of the watershed which fed the Everglades has been diverted over the years to support the cities along the east coast of southern Florida.

One of the trails we hiked.
It was sunny and 91 - 92 degrees.

The lone alligator which we saw in the park.

A very colorful grass hopper.

The Osprey build their nests in the weirdest places.
There are several young ones that keep peeking over the side.

They were haveing a controlled burn in the park.
We felt sorry for the firemen wearing bulky fire clothes and helmets in that heat, and having to smell the smoke all day.

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