Fort Myers, Florida

Indian Creek Park

Including trips to Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

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Sanibel and Captiva Islands were very interesting.

We went there every day to see the sights and swim on a beach.

Bowman Beach turned out to be our favorite.
We drove around both Sanibel & Captiva Islands and looked at all of the public beaches. Bowman had the best facilities and the largest beach.
It was about a 300 yard walk from the parking lot to the waterfront.

Bowman Beach.
Today there is almost no surf and very few people.

The water was very clear.
Two big Angel fish (about 12" long) decided to keep us company.
One male and one female. As we scraped the sand with our feet they would filter food out of the sand cloud. They would pass between our legs and at times bumped against us. It was almost like they were telling us to kick up more sand! This kept on for about 20 minutes. Then we called two girls over to see them and they stayed with them as we left.

Relaxing in the water.

Shell Museum on Sanibel Island.
There were shells from all over the world.
Here is just one of the many displays.
There was also a very interesting movie on shells.

One of the very colorful shops on Captiva Island.
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