Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Top Sail State Park Campground

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The sunshine and high temperatures are following us up the Florida coast. We only had one day of rain and that was when we went from Fort Myers to Tampa. It was a real downpour! The sun has been out every day except for that rainy day and it has been in the high 80's or low 90's!

Here at Santa Rosa Beach the wind has been blowing continuously. The water (Gulf) along the beach is all churned up and loaded with seaweed. The last two times we were here the water was crystal clear!

They have the red flags flying at the beach to indicate strong undertow and not to enter the water! So we spent our time just walking in the water every day. It is interesting to see surf at the beach. There is usually very little surf.
Halyna's ocean is in a bad mood!

Site 41, Our favorite.
We were able to reserve it in advace.

After spending mornings walking the beach, swimming in the pool, and then riding the bike around the campground, it was great to just relax in a comfortable chair and read a good book in the shade.

This ocean looks more like Melbourne Beach than Santa Rosa Beach!
But, the sand is still very white!

Usually not very many shells at Santa Rosa beach.
But because of the high surf, there were quite a few of these small guys.
It is a small American Auger. You can see it's 'foot' grabbing on to my hand.
They use their foot to adhere to something or to try and flip themselves towards the water.

Some of you will remember the Conch we caught and put in the canoe while at Sunshine Key. It's foot came out and kept flipping the shell over to try and get back into the water.

We ate at our favorite restaurants. All of them have great views.
This was one of the views from the Marina Café.

The Red Light is on!
Having desert after eating at the Marina Cafe.
And getting some supplies for the trip home!!!

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