Fall Campout 2003

Letchworth State Park

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Part 1 - Hiking to our favorite overlook.

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Letchworth State Park is located 50 miles south of Rochester in the valley of the Genesee River.
In the park, there are 17 miles of deep winding canyons which have been carved by the river. The river is approximately 600 feet below the sheer cliffs.

The precipitous walls of the gorge, with the river winding below, the plunge and spray of 3 water falls and the forest cover of the brink and slopes, make it one of the most notable examples of waterfall and gorge scenery in the Eastern US.

Hiking to our favorite overlook.

Some of the older people need help going down hill.

Sue trying to keep Mom from running down the hill!
Mom carrying her bear chasing stick.

Trying to get the kids to stand still for a picture.
About 350 feet above the Genesee river!
The river is very peaceful in this section.

On the way back from their own hike.

Nicole and a friend going on a hike.

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