Fall Campout 2003

Letchworth State Park

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Part 3 - The hike to the river bed or getting wet!

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Instead of hiking to Luke's falls, we decided to hike down to the Genesee river.
We hiked down into the gorge and then had to cross over several creeks to get to the river.

Trying to cross this small branch to get to the main river.
The water is cold and the rocks are slippery.
Most of the kids ran ahead and already crossed. We are not sure where!
Now we are looking for the safest way for us to cross.

From far away it looked easy. Should I jump?
This is when we were still dry!

Some of the kids need help?
Victoria came back to help us! Terri is looking for another stepping stone.

Building a stone bridge to the main part of the river.

The rocks are slippery and heavy.
And the water is cold!!
Nicole got the prize for getting the wettest.

Why wait for the bridge?
The water is clean! It will wash the dirt off of the shoes!

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