Fall Campout 2003

Letchworth State Park

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Part 4 - The Railroad Trestle and The Campfires

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No trip to Letchworth is complete without a walk across the Railroad Trestle.

Upper Falls.
The Railroad Trestle is 234 feet above the river bed.
Looking down through the tracks tends to make one squeamish.
The train blows it's horn about 10 minutes before arriving at the trestle.

We are on top and taking in the wonderful view.

The view from the railroad trestle.
That is the mist rising up from the upper falls in the foreground.

Making our favorite Hungarian appetizer - "greasy bread".
Everyone else is just standing around and drooling!

What to do while your waiting for dinner!
We should have a "Don't feed the animals" sign!

Telling stories around the campfire.

I think it is time for bed!
Issac does not want to leave the campfire and he can't keep his eyes open!
We had a long day hiking, climbing, and getting wet!
The end of another great fall campout.

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