Letchworth State Park - Part A
Around the Campsite
October 12 - 16, 2005
115 miles and 4 days into the trip.

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This is one of our favorite autumn camping locations.
We get to see most of our family and also a beautiful State Park.

This year we hit the color and temperature almost perfectly. We only had a little rain, and none during any of the hikes, campfires, or football games. (It did make the ground soft and muddy so the kids would not get hurt playing football or falling out of trees.)

Unfortunately, many of my pictures are over exposed or out of focus.
I think my camera needs a tune-up.
Setting up the campsite requires a lot of work.
Isaac has to chop the wood for tonight's campfire.
He is wondering what everyone else is doing!

Playing football while Isaac is chopping wood.
And in the street!!

Some of us were cold today, others warm!

Can't tell what you'll find while hiking in the woods.
This is a very unique tree, one which is hard to fall out of!

I thought you said that we could cross the river at this point.

This is where we crossed last year.
The water level is too high this year.

On the muddy Lower Falls trail.
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