Letchworth State Park - Part B
Luke's Falls
October 12 - 16, 2005
115 miles and 4 days into the trip.

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No trip to Letchworth would be complete without a hike to Luke's Falls
It was easier to climb down this year.
We did not need the rope to help balance on the fallen tree.
In fact, we did not need the fallen tree this year.

Looking down on Luke's "Upper" falls from the canyon rim.

Looking down on everyone milling around above Luke's Lower falls.
It was a beautiful sunny day and a lot of water going over the falls.

I think we only had one person slip and fall into the water this year!

It is always nice to get family shots at the falls.
Grace & Bob's family.
Alyssa could not come, so we are substituting Ashley for Alyssa.

Terri & Ken's family.
Kenny is hunting back east and Ryan is living out west.
That is Michelle sitting on top of the falls.

Frank and Rosa's family.
Rosa and Victoria are dry and warm back east.

Jonathan keeping a watchful eye on Heidi.
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