Letchworth State Park - Part C
Eating around the Campsite
October 12 - 16, 2005
115 miles and 4 days into the trip.

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While camping, one of the many things we are never short of is good food.
However, there are many ways to eat around the campsite.

Some parents have to eat alone at times.
Bob came over to keep them company.

Max eating lunch in his own private dining room.
He said "at times kids need their own space."

Working off the food by playing football.

Are you ready for "Greasy Bread?"
Thanks to Jimmy, we have some good bacon this year.
We have to find out where he bought it so we can buy some,
whenever someone from New York goes to Cleveland.

Parents resting around the campfire after a long day hiking.
It is something like "adult swim." (no children around the campfire.)

Parents enjoying lollypops around the campfire.
It sure is quiet, I guess the kids are tired from the hiking & football!

The kids are tired tonight?
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