Harley-Davidson Factory Tour
York, Pennsylvania
October 18, 2005
388 miles and 5 days into the trip.

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After leaving Letchworth State Park we headed toward Pennsylvania.

US 15 is a very scenic highway in PA. The highway is divided most of the way. It just winds around and goes over many hills and valleys. We had lots of color until we went over a 2500 foot crest in the Allegheny mountains and started down into Williamsport. Everything turned green and that was the end of the color. But it was still a very beautiful drive.

The first campground we stopped at, in Yocumtown, PA, was tore up and has been out of business for a couple of years. So we went on to a campground south of York. It was not much of a campground, but they are open all year long. That is the problem with using a 2004 Woodalls catalog. I guess we should buy a Woodalls every year. We now know that there are no campgrounds between Harrisburg and York!

We had a very good tour of the Harley-Davidson factory. Learned a lot of Harley-Davidson history and also the manufacturing process. We were able to see the various stamping machines, plating processes, and assembly process.

They had a lot of bikes to sit on while waiting for the tour to start.
This one only costs a little over $22,000.

Mom likes this one ($29,000++) but she would not sit in the sidecar.
She feels that "for that much money you sould also get a bathroom."

I like this color.
It only cost $21,000+ without saddle bags, windshield, or any other options.

While waiting for the tour and a movie to start, we were able to see displays of the various major fabrication and assembly steps. On the left are the steps of building a fender from stamping to painting. Also, steps in building the frame, gas tanks, and several other smaller parts.

On the right side the display shows the major steps in assembling the bike.
We were not allowed to take a camera into the factory, so that's all we can show.
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