Lancaster, PA - Part B
Old Mill Stream Campground
October 17 - 19, 2005
430 miles and 8 days into the trip.

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Besides learning about the Amish and Mennonites, we found some outstanding and historic restaurants.

The Revere Tavern was built in 1740 by the sister of Stephen Foster. Stephen Foster wrote several songs while visiting his sister. She was married to Reverend Edward Buchanan, the brother of President James Buchanan. James bought the house from Edward before he became president.

Bube's Brewery was built in 1880 and was a working brewery. It was built with a basement and a sub-basement which were used to are their ale. Mr. Bube died in the 1930's and he was the only one who knew the ale's formula. So the brewery went out of business. It is now a restaurant and the sub-basement is called the Catacombs, where they have their fine dining.

We only paid $2.33 a gallon for gas in Lancaster. Then we topped it off on the way home in New Milford for $2.53. When we got home we saw that Hess was $2.79.
The Revere Tavern
Very good food and service.
We had Snap Turtle soup and we both enjoyed it.

Bube's Brewery
The large brewing tanks in the basement.

Going down the second of two flights to the sub-basement Catacombs.

The main dining room in the Catacombs.
Except for a few critical lights, lighting is by candlelight.

One of several side rooms.
They are preparing our table.

Our table. These are original aging barrels.
The room is very narrow. The tables on the left are against the wall.

I do not know how Mom finds these places.
Another winner.
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