Motorhome Buying Trip - 2003

From the Bounder to the Adventurer

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We left home the day before the high winds and the snow!
I felt that if we made it to Maryland we would have out run the storm. That was a big goof.
We stopped at a campground in Carlisle, PA. Woke up in the middle of the night with high winds and they continued the next day. Went through a snow storm in West Virginia.

The winds stopped about the time we got to Atlanta. Went to an RV dealer in Atlanta and test drove a unit. Looked at diesel and gas units. Could not agree on a price and left for Sun Coast RV in Georgia.

Test drove diesel and gas motorhomes at Sun Coast. Decided on the gas powered Winnebago Adventurer. That was the unit we decided on in the summer, but did not want to commit at that time. (we really wanted a diesel but did not want to pay the added cost)

Sun Coast has a campground where you can stay for free while deciding on a unit. After deciding on a unit you stay until the unit is delivered at the adjacent site. This allows you to take your time moving your personal items from the old to the new unit. Then you spend the night in the new unit to make sure that everything works.

The campsite in Carlisle, PA. They are open all year.
The water pipes are wrapped with heat tape to keep from freezing.
This time of year there are very few campgrounds open.

In the Bounder at Sun Coast RV.
Packing items in boxes to move to the new motorhome.

We made many trips between the two motorhomes.
The Bounder is 1 foot smaller but has almost twice the storage!
We really had to squeeze into the new motorhome.

Life in the new motorhome.

I now do my computer work in the bedroom.
I'm looking at e-mail on the internet via the cell phone.

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