Motorhome Buying Trip - 2003

Shake Down Cruise at Outdoor Resorts

Melbourne Beach, FL

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After a short visit at Iris and Jeff's, we came down here to Outdoor Resorts to use all of the appliances and review the storage.
Back at Suncoast RV we just wanted to find a place for everything so we could get on the road. Now we have to look in every door, drawer, and bin; and find the best place for everything and throw out items which we haven't used for a long time!!

The site which we normally try to get was taken by the owner. So we had to settle on one across the street!
They renumbered all of the sites at the request of the town. Everyone still calls the sites by the old numbers. This site was 480.
That's Mom getting ready for the beach, putting on Coppertone.

This view shows the Living Room/Dinette slideout.

Mom sunning herself next to "Her Ocean."

Another lousy day on the beach!
I heard that Syracuse & Buffalo had snow.
We went to the mall the other day and they have Christmas music playing and people driving around with Christmas trees on top of their cars!

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