St. Martin, New Brunswick, Canada

Part 1

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We are slowly moving north and deeper into the Bay of Fundy.
The farther you go into the Bay of Fundy, the higher the tide gets.
Here at St. Martin the tide is between 26 and 28 feet.
The two days we were here the tide was 26.5 feet.
It takes about 6 hours to go from low tide to high tide!
Our first day here was overcast. The second was a beautiful sunny day.

This little harbor was just down the road from our campground.
High tide was about 2 hours ago, notice the high water mark on the pier.
That is one of the many covered bridges in New Brunswick.
At high tide the water almost touches the bottom of the bridge.

This is near low tide. The only water flowing is from the river.
The fishermen know that to enter or leave port requires high tide.

This cave is also near the campground
You can see the high water mark and sea weed near the cave entrance.
Mom is standing on the "Ocean Floor."

This is taken from almost at the low tide waters edge.

View from the front of our motorhome.
That is the cave across the bay at near high tide.

This is the view on the side of the motorhome.
We spent some time sitting on the stone/pebble beach.

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