St. Martin, New Brunswick, Canada

Part 2 - Fundy trail Parkway

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The Fundy Trail Parkway is a winding road on top of the cliffs which follow the Fundy shoreline for about 7 miles. There is a series of multi-use trails which parallel the parkway and have branches which go to various sights and beaches.
All of the trails are well marked, maintained and are rated for endurance.
Some trails were even paved and had various speed control signs for bikes.
We brought our bikes to ride the trails but the parkway is about 5 miles from the campground and there was no way to get the bikes here. However we did have a good time hiking.

An overlook which is also shown in the New Brunswick literature.
The beach in the background is one we planned to hike to.

This trail led down to a great view of the "Flower Pot."
We are hiking at near high tide.

Several of the trails had these "cable ladders."
This one was on a trail to Melvin Falls.
The picture of the falls, although good, did not make the Mekkerfest photo cut.

This cable foot bridge crosses the Big Salmon River where a lumber camp/mill was located. The camp was owned by Hearst and operated from the mid 1800's to 1949. The workers homes and mill have been removed.
Just last year we visited the Hearst Castle in California.

The salmon are long gone. Back when the mill was in it's prime,
the salmon was a major source of food. The river has been over fished and now there is nothing left.

We are getting ready to hike down to the beach.
It really looks like a white sand beach from here!

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