St. Martin, New Brunswick, Canada

Part 3 - Fundy trail & St. Martin Inn

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The hike down to the beach was very interesting.
The trail was paved and had road signs for bikes. It was also very steep in sections.
If we would have been on bikes we would have been walking them up the hill!
And our brakes would have been worn out while riding down!

This is the beach we are hiking down to. From up above it looked like a sand beach. Now it is starting to look more like a pebble beach!

Yes it is a pebble beach!
That is Mom sitting near the end of the beach.

On the way back up the steep trail there were many benches to rest on.
Each had a great view.

The Saint Martins Country Inn.
The village was very small. This was a very beautiful inn.
We had a great meal and had an interesting conversation with a woman and her daughter from Detroit.

The Inn's parlour.
Hey Pop, lets keep some sheet music in the motorhome for times like this!

I wish some of my grandchildren were here for a game of chess on this handcarved chess set.

Having a great dinner.
The Bay of Fundy is in the background.

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