Cap-Pele, New Brunswick, Canada

Gagnon Beach Campground

Part 1

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We planned to stay at Fundy National Park over this Labor Day weekend.
But they did not have any sites available.
We will stop there on our way back from Nova Scotia.

Cap-Pele is a small village but is very large in seafood processing.
There are 29 Seafood Processing companies. Each company is very big in smoked seafood. Cap-Pele is known as the "Land of the Smoke Houses"
Everywhere you drive in town you smell smoke!
Since most everyone is dependent on these processing plants, there are no complaints about second hand smoke!

This is just one of the many seafood processing companies.
You can see the smoke houses with the ridge vents across the top.
The processing building is in back.

The campground had its own private beach and lounge chairs.
That's Mom catching some rays!
This is the Northumberland Strait which is between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Most campgrounds use old truck wheels for fire pits.
This campground uses washing machine tubs. Since they are porcelain they do not rust and the holes in the side allow the fire to breath.

We had a great site. We could see the water and sunsets from the motorhome. However, there were a million misquotes.

Our neighbors had to leave their fire due to misquotes.
You can see the holes in the washing machine tub.

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