Cap-Pele, New Brunswick, Canada

Gagnon Beach Campground

Part 2

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We had a very enjoyable and interesting stay here at Cap-Pele.
We were very lucky to select a wonderful campground using Woodalls.
Gagnon Beach Campground is very well maintained and everyone is very friendly.

French is the predominent language. However, as soon as they see that you only speak english, they switch to english. And their english and communication skills are very good. They are always interested and seem to go out of their way to help you.

Labor Day weekend is their big end of summer thank you weekend. It is the owners thank you to the many seasonal campers. They had a dance for the teens on Friday, adult dance on Saturday, and a "Corn Boil" on Sunday.

They had a "Washers" tournament running Saturday and Sunday.
When we asked them what the game was called, we expected a fancy name. But we were surprised to hear that it is called Washers!
This is similar to "City Shoes." The difference is that each player tosses three washers and counts all of the points for their toss. 1 pt for closest hole, 2 pts for middle hole, and 3 pts for last hole.
To win you must hit 15 exactly. If you go over, your score is reduced by the amount of overage. Also, you must stand on the box while tossing you washers.

While the games were going on and while eating the corn this combo played some great music. Unfortunately, no one was dancing. It was hard to sit still, the music selection and presentation was outstanding.

The Corn Boil.
Corn is boiled in two large pots, then dipped in melted butter and served.
The owners and workers spent a good part of Saturday cleaning corn.

They were serving corn faster than it could be boiled!
They are waiting for the boiling process to catch up.
The two women in the center and their husbands are the campground owners.

One of the seasonal sites.

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