Prince Edward Island, Canada

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The Confederation Bridge which connects the mainland to Prince Edward Island is 8 miles long and crosses over the Northumberland Strait. Being only 3 years old, it is a very modern bridge.
We took some pictures of it but they did not make the picture cut!

The island has rolling hills and well kept farms all over it. It is almost like driving in some parts of central New York.

The shoreline is either cliffs, beaches, or harbors with fishing & lobster boats.

All over the island there are Lobster Suppers. We went to one in the basement of Saint Ann's church. It was a complete dinner with soup, 2 dozen muscles, 1 and 1/2 lobsters, and desert for each of us. Mom did not eat the muscles but she did everything else.

We spent 2 nights in Cavendish, PEI. That is where the Anne of Green Gables was written.

Then we went to Charlottetown for 2 nights. While there we went to the musical "Anne of Green Gables." We had great seats and the music and acting was outstanding.

The shorline of Prince Edward Island National Park.
It is on the north side of the island. That is the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Walking in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
We were surprised to see so many kids swimming. Brrrrr.
Zac, they evidently do not have hard requirements for the lifeguards here. One guard only knew one stroke - He's a real dog!

This is the Head Lifeguard!

The house which inspired L.M. Montgomery to write
"Anne of Green Gables."

This is the path near the Green Gable house which Anne refered to as "Lovers Lane."

Our camp site near Charlottetown.
Could not have asked for a better view!

This was our first day of rain since we left home.
We had several rains at night but none during the day.
This day was a washout! The wind gusts were rocking the motorhome.

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