Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Part 2 - Eastern Shoreline

Cape Breton Island

Nova Scotia, Canada

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The western and eastern shorelines of Cape Breton are completely different.

The western shoreline beachs contain pebbles and no sand. The rocky cliffs are much taller and more jagged and the clouds seem to hang on the mountian tops.

The eastern shoreline is alot like Maine. The rock formations are more rounded and the beaches are sandy. There seems to be many more people visiting the eastern side because it is easier to get to and the roads are much better.

When going from the western to the eastern shorelines you go over a fairly high pass. The road goes from near sea level to 1,300 feet and then back down in a very short distance.
This is on the way down the other side.

It is peaceful just to watch the waves pound on the rocks below.
This part is just like Maine.

Another great view.

The Atlantic Ocean is a little cold this far north!

After walking on the sand it feels good to sit on this rock chair!

The sun is warm and the pounding of the waves lull you to sleep.

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