Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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We left Cape Breton and are heading south along the Nova Scotia atlantic coastline.

On the way south we stopped one night in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
While in Baddeck we toured the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.
He invented the telephone while he lived in the USA, but later moved to Baddeck, spending most of his adult life there, because he felt it was much more peaceful and it allowed him to only think of his family and future inventions. He continued teaching the deaf, helping man fly, invented the hydrofoil, and invented many other smaller items. His group of aero inventors, which included Glen Curtis from central NY, were the first to fly a powered plane in Canada & Great Briton.

This was our second time to Halifax. We were here for a day on one of our cruises and toured the downtown area at that time.

While in Halifax we went to a dinner theater.
The food was great as well as the singing and acting.
It was a comedy about an Irishman who died and is laying in the casket in back of the stage.

They are carrying the body out while singing.

While in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia; we saw many stupid TV commercials about Alexander Keiths Beer. While in Cape Breton I tried it and really liked it. It is brewed only in Halifax and we heard that they had a very good brewery tour.
This was the start of the tour. The workers who talked to us on the tour acted in the 1830 time frame.

After the beer brewing part of the tour was over we were led to the basement where an 1830 style pub was located. Alexander Keith and his family lived in the brewery building. The brewery and pub are still in the actual buildings from 1830. Alexander Keith insisted that he mingled with the people who drank his beer. Therefore, he had basement pubs which were connected by tunnels to his house and brewery and he visited them every night.
Here we are being invited into the Stags Head pub by song.

We got to try two different beers.
India Pale Ale, which made him famous and another maple flavored beer.
In 1830 there were about 3000 British soldiers in the Halifax fort. By English law, each soldier was to be given a ration of one gallon of beer each day. Alexander Keith felt that this was a great market for his beer. He had the only brewery at the time. And his beer was the only one which would last while being transported to India by sailboat.

We heard many songs and stories from these two guys.

While walking around the Halifax harbour we came across this little tugboat.

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