The Ovens Natural Park

Riverport, Nova Scotia, Canada

Part 1 - Campground

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The Ovens Natural Park is located about 8 miles from Lunenburg. After reading literature about the Ovens, while at Lunenburg, we decided to move here and visit Lunenburg from here. We only planned to be here for just one night and ended up staying 3 nights.

This Natural Park is located on a peninsula sticking into the ocean. One wave coming in crashes on three different beaches and at different times. At night it makes a slow moving surf sound fast.

At night we kept the bedroom windows open so we could fall to sleep listening to the surf. One night the fog came in and about 2 in the morning and the lighthouse in the bay, blasted it's foghorn one second about every 5 minutes for about 4 hours.

This is the view in front of our motorhome.
The cliffs in front wrap around the peninsula. The ocean has slowly eroded caves (which they call ovens) under the cliffs. The sail boat is making a sight seeing pass at the ovens. The nature trail is on top of the cliffs and protected by the rail fence.

This is the view from the nature trail looking back at the campground.
Our Bounder is in the middle of the three motorhomes.

Dad cutting some Z's in the warm sun.
We had great weather all three days!

Mom enjoying another great day!

We spent alot of time just sitting and watching the light surf.

The campground had a small museum.
This is a claw from a lobster which they caught years ago.
I think it would make a meal by itself!

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