The Ovens Natural Park

Riverport, Nova Scotia, Canada

Part 2 - Nature Trail

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Besides the campground, The Ovens Natural Park has a nature trail which follows the top of the cliff for about 1/2 mile. It has short spurs which drop down into some of the ovens (caves.)

In 1861 gold was found in some of the ovens and it started a gold rush. Some of the ovens were dug deeper by man to reach the gold. The gold rush only lasted about three years.

Here are just a few of the pictures from the trail.

Mom looking for whales!

One of the many oven viewing points.

Unfortunately, whenever we went on the trail, the sun seemed to be in the face of the camera.

We came on the trail three times. Each time it gave us something different to look at. Seeing the ovens at Low Tide, Mid Tide, and High Tide each looked different.

We are about 75 feet above the water.
This poor tree is just clinging to life on the side of the rocky cliff.

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