Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Port Royal, Nova Scotia

The Cove Campground, Perkins Cove, Nova Scotia

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We changed from our itinerary and came to this part of Nova Scotia.

It is the oldest area in Canada. Port Royal was settled in 1605 by fur traders from France. They built a habitation to house and protect about 50 civilians and no soldiers. They traded with the Indians for fur pelts.

In 1613 a party of British passed by and decided to destroy the habitation.
I guess the French and British could never stand each other!

The French rebuilt the habitation on the other side of the river and where Annapolis Royal is now located. They also received a small detachment of French soldiers to help protect them.

We have a lot of pictures from the restored habitation but will not bore you!

Another great site in a almost empty campground
There are over 90 sites and only 5 sites being used.

This is the only Tidal Generation Station in the world.
When the tide is coming in and it is above the level in the reservoir (lake on left), water is allowed to pass through floodgates and into the reservoir. At the peak of high tide the floodgates are closed. The tide starts receding in the bay (right side) and when the level of the reservoir is 3.8 feet above the bay the generator inlet is opened and water flows through a horizontal generator. The station generates power for 7 hours two times each day.
The average tide at this point in the Bay of Fundy is only 23 feet, but the station was built here because the flood gates were already in place due to another Canadian project.

Port Royal was the first settlement (1605) north of Flordia.
This is an Acadian cabin from 1671.

Historic Gardens, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
We were surprised to see all of the flowers in bloom this time of year.

The French wore wooden shoes while working in 1605.

Billed as "The Smallest Pub in the World."
Ye Olde Pub, Annapolis Royal, NS, is located in a 1850 building.
The bartender, Brian, is the owner and a retired Canadian Soldier.
It is the smallest pub because the bartender does not know of a pub which has a bar which will only accept three stools!

We spent about an hour talking with Allen. He is the owner of a auto repair garage up the road. He spent several years as a deck hand on a Scallop fishing boat. That is how he earned the money to buy the garage.
We learned a lot about the perils and how-to of Scalloping.

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