Halifax, Nova Scotia

Second Stop - "Grou Tyme" - Part 2

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The Acadian "Grou Tyme" Festival was outstanding.
We bought a weekend pass and really had a good time. The music, food, and people were great.

There were bands and singers performing continuously from 11:00 AM until midnight. There were many different music styles. All of the words were in French, which we could not understand, but the music was great. We had a hard time sitting still! We even danced on Saturday night.

We liked two of the groups so well that we bought their CD's.

On Sunday we sat near the bandstand with this couple from Halifax.
We liked one of the food dishes so mom was trying to get information on it from them.

The Bluegrass Diamonds
They took second place at a Bluegrass competition in Detroit this year.
They sang in english for that competition.
They sang and joked in French here.

Waylon Thibodeaux - "Louisiana's Rockin' Fiddler"
Cajun musicians from New Orleans. They danced as they played!
The guy in the middle is playing the washboard with two spoons.
We bought an english CD from Waylon Thibodeaux.

Lennie Gllant - from Prince Edward Island
Another great music group who danced while they played.

Lennie Gllant
He sent the others off the stage
Then played this flagelet (drum) with his hand and sang.
The guy is really good!

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