Halifax, Nova Scotia

Second Stop - "Grou Tyme" - Part 3

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More from the Acadian "Grou Tyme" Festival.

"Blou" was our favorite group.

They are from St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia.
They played several different music styles and had a very good performance. For a couple of songs they took people out of the audience to help. All of their songs were in French, some of the jokes were in English.

They performed Saturday afternoon and again on Saturday evening.
They only had French CD's on sale here, so we bought a French CD!

Their feet were never still.
They played great while dancing the Irish Jig and jumping!

They played Rock and Roll, Ballets, Irish sounding songs, ...
and Jammed with each other.

The Accordion player also played the guitar and was lead singer.
The guitar player also played the banjo and mandolin.

The Fiddler and Mandolin player were very good!
Mom wanted to take the mandolin player home for Sarah!

These two girls were dancing something like an Irish Jig.
The one on the left stopped when the accordion player started doing his own version of the Jig. His legs and feet were flying. And he never lost a note on the accordion!

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