Fundy National Park - Part 1

Alma, New Brunswick

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Fundy National Park is a large park located near the end of the Fundy Bay.
There are many rivers and high steep hills with beautiful well maintained hiking trails.

We had a nice sunny day to explore the various short easy and moderate trails. Most of what we took lead down to the waters edge. Which meant we had a climb to get back up to the car!

The information center at Fundy National Park.
The flowers were very colorful. They had gardens all around this area.

One of the trails we went on passed this Covered Bridge.

This area of the park used to contain a lumber mill (1800 to early 1900's). Logs were transported from up river to the mill. After they were cut into boards they were transported to other parts of the Maritimes and the US by sailing ship.
There was a dock which completely covered the long sandbar. It was used to load lumber on the ships. There was also a shipbuilding pier on the smaller sandbar. 43 four masted sailing ships were built in this harbor.
Signs along the trail describe the lumber and shipbuilding activities. They included pictures from early 1900.

This is the trail which takes you down to the sandbars.
We are passing through a Red Spruce forest.

These are pilings from the dock which was built in the 1800's.

Time for a rest before the trip back up to our car.

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