Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City KOA

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We are on our homeward bound leg. We lucked out again with our itinerary. We just left Halifax last week and now they have been hit with a very bad hurricane. Halifax is a very beautiful and clean city with very carrying people. We hope that they will be back to normal very fast.

We planned to stop here at Quebec City for 2 nights. But due to problems on our second day with our hot water tank and the fact that the temperature was 51 degrees, strong winds and a downpour at 10 AM, we decided to leave. (We planned to spend day two walking around.)

We really enjoyed our short stay here and do plan to return. After taking a bus tour around the city on the first day we were all set to extend it to 3 or 4 nights. There is so much to see, even 4 nights is too short. It is less than 8 hours from home so it is going to be a sure future trip.

It took a while to learn how to interpret the road signs and learn how to communicate with the French speaking people. Many do not know English. (Just like we do not know French.) All of the locals really tried to be helpful, not like Mom's trip to Montreal.

We met one beautiful and interesting couple in one of the restaurants. We asked for a table for two and they sat us next to another table for two with only 2" between them. We were very fortunate when the couple came to the table next to us. He spoke almost no English, she spoke very little, and we spoke no French! But, we still were able to communicate! We talked and sang for the whole meal.

Now try to follow this!
He has 15 siblings and he is number 12. One of his older brothers is also his father-in-law! His Sister-in-law is also his niece. His wife's father-in-law is also her brother-in-law!

We had reservations to eat at the Le Chateau Frontenac.
It was a Canadian Pacific developed hotel. We really enjoyed our meals at the CP hotels in Lake Louise, Baniff, and Ottawa. Unfortunately, we had to cancel!

This little square was a lot like some of the squares we visited on the Baltic Cruise.... narrow streets with tons of interesting shops and restaurants.
We only window shopped, but did find a great Italian restaurant!

This is a mural which is painted on the side of an old building.

It really looked life like!

There are several streets which do not allow cars.
This is suppose to be the oldest street in Quebec.

Restaurant au Parmesan - Located inside Old Quebec City.
We had a great meal and met a wonderful couple.
Gaston & Pierrette live in Old Quebec City and eat here every week.
We talked a lot about our families and origins.
Her father died and later, his brother married her mother.
And, like Mom & I, they really did not care for each other until later and then fell in love.

The resstaurant has a very good roving accordion player.
Pierrette surprised us by requesting New York, New York. He played about 8 songs; French, Italian, and English for our table.
We helped sing about half of them.

This was a very happy ending to our Maritime trip.

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