Eighth Lake Campground
Adirondack State Park
Near Inlet, New York

The history of Tom's Grave

Camping was always a large part of our family. Most years we ended the camping season camping in the Adirondacks near the end of September and at Letchworth State Park in mid October before storing the trailer. Our children always liked to bring a friend or two to share in the fun.

At Eighth Lake we enjoy campfires, canoe races, playing hide and go seek on “Mekker’s Island,” and climbing the mountain north of the lake.

The mountain is very interesting. There are vertical walls to negotiate around, small caves to explore, no trails, and a dense mountain top. We even enjoyed climbing it in the dark.

We also like canoeing out into the middle of the lake at night, sitting the peace and quiet, and looking back at the campfires along the shore. On clear nights you see millions of stars which made you feel like you were in an upside down bowl, it makes you dizzy. Then hitting the bottom of the aluminum canoe with a paddle and listening for the echo off the mountains.

First you have to climb the mountian. The Mountain.
Visit the Cave. The Cave
The history of Tom's Grave. Tom's Grave

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