Eighth Lake Campground
Adirondack State Park
Near Inlet, New York

Tom's Grave History

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In 1986 a friend, Tom, was invited to visit for the day or even stay overnight. That year we had several friends staying overnight. Tom agreed to come but never showed.

That Saturday afternoon, while exploring the top of the mountain, we found a pine tree which was blown over years before. Someone said that itís root system looked like a grave. Then someone said lets bury Tom!

The legend lives on to this day. Every year the family climbs to the top to pay homage to Tom.

In 2010, to make locating the grave easier, the family put a yellow ribbon in a tree next to the grave. Unfortunately, the harsh winters on top of the mountain, dulled the ribbon and make it hard to spot until your standing next to the tree.

In 2011 the family noted the GPS coordinates to make it easier to locate.
This takes away part of the fun of finding the grave.
N 43 46.332
W 74 42.788

Tom's Grave in 1986
The sign at the base of the cross reads "1986 Tom"

We are sad that Tom did not make it!

The sadness is gone. We can have fun without Tom!

1987 (The next year)
Tom showed up but nobody wanted to play with him!

Until he laid on his grave!

1991 - Placing a new marker on Tom's Grave.

1991 - The grave is shrinking - Poor Tom.

1991 - The new grave marker.
Pictured just before we covered it with a plastic bag.

We did not return to Eighth Lake until 1994.
At that time we found the grave marker broken,
laying on the grave, and without the plastic bag.

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