Fall Campout

Letchworth State Park

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Part 2

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It was a typical October Letchworth weekend, on the cold side and it rained every other day.

Wednesday was rain all day and night. Mom & I watched some of the VHS movies she brought from the library and then had an enjoyable dinner at the Glen Iris Inn.

Thursday was cold and sunny. Mom & I went to Upper and Lower Falls and stopped at several of the overlooks. Pictures are shown in Part 1.

Mark, Chris, and Frank arrived on Friday with their families.
Friday was nice until evening, when the rain started and lasted all night and into Saturday.
Friday, we hiked to the overlook near behind the campground.
Saturday, Mom and I stayed in the motorhome most of the day while the kids hiked and got wet and muddy.

As usual, the sun came out on Sunday and it lasted all day. Unfortunately, we had to leave our part of the campground by 2 PM. We did hike to Luke's Falls before breaking camp.

Frank & Rosa, Chris & Sue, and MOM
Hiking to the overlook near the campground.
This tree fell across the trail. It made for a good picture.

Jake, Michelle, and Victoria.

Chris and Mom on way to overlook.

Mom & Rosa resting on the trail.

Gabriel standing on the edge of the overlook.
That's the Genesee River about 500 feet below.

Getting ready to leave the overlook and head back to camp.

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