Fall Campout

Letchworth State Park

"The Grand Canyon of the East"

Part 3

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A campout at Letchworth State Park is not complete until we make the hike to Luke's Falls.

As you may have guessed, Luke discovered the falls when he was about 3 years old. There were no trails in this part of the park at the time. We were hiking through the woods and Luke just started running when he heard water falls. Being small, he was able to run under a lot of the brush and fallen trees. It made it hard to us to catch up. When we did he was standing at the edge of a 40 foot cliff which overlooked the falls.

Since that time we have made many trips to the falls. Also, the state has put a trail to top of the falls, which makes it easier to get there.

Climbing down to the falls is always a wet and muddy experience. It is even worse when trying to hike downstream to the Genesee River.

Rainyday activity.

Remains of Gibsonville CCC Camp.
On the trail to Luke's Falls.

Sliding down the hill to the foot of Luke's (upper) Falls.

Luke's (upper) Falls.
It was too muddy to climb down to the lower falls.

After climbing out of the Luke's Falls area, it was time to rest and have a snack before starting the long up hill climb to the campground.

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