Melbourne Beach, Florida

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Outdoor Resorts of Melbourne Beach.
Site 510, Our favorite for many years.

"Mom's Ocean" - Beach vacant, snowbirds are headed north.

Sea Turtle tracks - egg laying season.
The Space Coast is the second largest Sea Turtle nesting area in the world.
Here a turtle came up the beach last night, dug a nest, deposted eggs, covered them, and then returned to the sea on a different path. Later, a sea turtle patrol volunteer, on a 4 wheeler, passed by to mark the nest on his map.

Ibis having lunch with out the snowbirds.

Noon at the middle pool, we beat the crowd.

Waiting to meet Fran & Jeff Stein.
Midway between Melbourne Beach & Port St. Lucie.

Lunch with Fran & Jeff Stein.

Pelican waiting for fisherman at Capt. Hirams pier.

Saying goodbye to Mom's Ocean.

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