Very Large Array (VLA)

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, New Mexico

The Worlds Lagest Radio Telescope

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This was our first side trip. We left Silver City and instead of going to Gallup we went to Albuquerque, NM. On the way we made a 112 mile side trip to the VLA.

The VLA contains 27 large receiving antennas. They are divided into three arms which form an inverted 'Y'. Each arm contains 9 antennas.

The spacing between antennas can be changed to change the resolution. At maximum spacing each arm is 13 miles long.

To get the same results with a single antenna, it would have to be 17 miles in diameter.

Here you can see the arm going away and the first antenna in each side arm.

You can see the spacing of the arm going away.
The 2 antennas in the forground are the start if the left arm.

These antennas are 82' diameter.
They are almost as big our FPS-79 Spacetrack Tracking Radars.

That's Mom in the lower right corner.

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