Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We had a good time in Albuquerque's Old Town.
It looked just like parts of San Antonio, so we will not show them now.

Sandia Peak - Tram on this side; chair lift & ski slopes on far side.
Sandia Peak is 10,378 feet above sea level.
The city is in the valley behind us.

Riding tram up to peak and dinner at High Finance.
This is the Worlds Longest Passenger Tramway - 2.7 miles long.
We are facing west and the setting sun is in our face.

We are halfway up. The other tram is on the way down.
That is the second tower. We are at 8,750 feet.

Mom standing on the top platform looking at the valley below.

Having dinner at the top. You can see the city lights turning on below.

The sun is almost set and most lights are on in the valley.

The sun is down and all lights are on in the valley.

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