Mesa Verde National Park, Cortez, CO

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There are over 100 different cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde.
We looked at many of them. This was our favorite

Spruce Tree House cliff dwelling.

On the trail down to Spruce Tree House.

Part of Spruce Tree House.

The circular area with the ladder passing down through a square hole is called a Kiva. The Kiva is a room which was dug underground about six feet and used for a meeting place.

We were allowed to enter one of the Kivas.

Mom decided to look at a Kiva which no longer had a roof.

Our next door neighbors. They are from Hagerstown, Maryland.

Four Corners Monument.
The only place in the US where four states come together.
Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.
Mom is standing in New Mexico and Colorado.
I'm standing in Utah and Arizona.

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