Zion National Park, UT

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Watchman Campground, in the National Park.

This was a very good site. Two large mountians in front of us and large trees along side and behind us to provide shade.

The only way to into the main part of the National Park is with the free tram.
They run every 6 to 7 minutes. There are 9 stops where you can get off or on.

We road the tram to the end and continued on foot on the River Trail.

The "maintained" River trail ends as the canyon starts to get closer together.
After this point it continues in the river bed. About 2 mile up river you can spread your arms and touch the walls on either side. I went up about 500 yards and then turned around. This was our first cloudy day of the trip.

This 1.2 mile tunnel was cut into the mountian around 1920.
It is on State Route 9 which cuts through the lower part of the National Park.
We hiked up from the road below to this point. Mom waited here while I continued on the trail over the ridge to view the valley on the other side.

This is the valley on the other side of the tunnel. If you look close you can see the switch backs in the highway.

The sun is setting and the moon has risen over the mountian.
An end to a wonderful outing. As viewed from our campsite.

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