Las Vegas, NV

Viva Las Vegas - Part 1

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Welcome to CircusCircus Campground (?)
Don"t knock it--does your shopping center offer elec. wat. and sewer!
Heat from blacktop makes for 114 almost day and night!!
This is our site, it reminded us of Wegmans parking lot.
It was on the strip.

We came all the way to Las Vegas just to see New York!

This is the main entrance to Luxor.
The Hotel/Casino is in a Pyramid shaped building behind this funny looking guy.

Each of the big hotel lobbies was different. We looked at all of the major hotel lobbies and decor. This one (The Mirage) has an aquarium behind it. We are novices at gambling--we came to check out all and all the major resorts and looked to do all the freebies they offered. I know it sounds boring but it was fun.

Each of the hotels has a theme. Bellagio has gardens and fountians.

These Bellagio fountians did a good job jumping and swaying to music.
They performed every 15 minutes in the afternoon and evening.

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