Las Vegas, NV

Viva Las Vegas - Part 2

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Mom is trying to win a BMW for me.

This is inside the Venetian. We met Halyna here and had a drink.
Unfortunately, the waiter shook the camera when he took our picture and it looked like there were 9 of us.

This is the hand painted ceiling in the main entrance of the Venetian.

There is a lagoon out front of the Treasure Island Resort which contains a priate ship and a British Man-O-War. They battle once every 1.5 hours every night. Real fire and cannons! The British ship always sinks and the priates invite everyone in to the resort to celebrate.

Having dinner at Treasure Island. Wonderful gourmet restaurant! Windows outside our "room" overlooked battle between ships everynight. Felt really special to have a "window seat".

The main entrance to Caesars Palace.

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