Palm Springs, CA

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The Outdoor Resorts Campground was a welcomed sight after the CircusCircus Campground "shopping center."
There were fountians and water falls on both sides of the entrance and over 1400 sites and they are laid out around 9 and 18 hole par three golf courses.

This was our site. It was way back in the park and across the street from one of the big swimming pools. You can see one of the greens behind the site.
The temperature hit a high of 116 every day, and lows of mid 90's.

The golf course had many ponds with fountians and flowers.
My clubs are at home!

This was the pool across from our site. Judy is watching the sunset.

We had an enjoyable visit at Shirley & Tom's house.
We also went out one night together for dinner.

Shirley showing Judy the flowers and trees which she planted.

As usual, we took many more pictures then we can show on the website.

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