San Diego, CA - Part 1

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I am hoping to improve the picture download time in the future. But until then we are adding text up front for you to read while the pictures are downloading.

San Diego has really change since we left in 1961. There are freeways all over the place, which makes it very easy to get around. (assuming you know where to go and how to get there!)

One major problem is that California is the only state which uses no exit numbers or mile markers. Their exit signs only have street names and if your lucky a highway number. The AAA Tripkit is useless because it gives you diamonds to identify exits and no street names. So you really don't know where you are! But when you get there, you better be in the right lane! Some times you only get a half mile notice; and most freeways are four lanes in each direction.

Also, the drivers do not use turn signals to change lanes. It is common to see a car quickly go from the left lane and cross five lanes to the exit ramp in seconds. They also do not honor a turn signal. I can have my left turn signal going for what seems 5 minutes and nobody will move over or slow to let you change lanes. The only way to drive here is to force your way into the next lane. I use to think that Boston had the worst drivers, now I feel that San Diego and LA are much worse.

We did take many more pictures then we are posting on the WebSite.
(bet your happy!)

Our old mobile home park, where we lived from 1958 to 61, is now part of a cloverleaf and part of a plaza.

The Atlas plant where Mom & I worked (GE) is gone. It had more area then all of the Electronics Park buildings put together. That was a shock! The Atlas and Titan are now made/refurbished near downtown.

And to top it off, the Miramar Naval Air Station (Top Gun) where I was stationed is now a Marine Corps Air Station. (How degrading!)

This was our site at the San Diego Metro KOA. (It's actually in Chula Vista) Because of the 4 th of July crowd, we could not get reservations at the two campgrounds on Mission Bay. We made reservations when we were at Melbourne Beach in May.
When we drove around Mission Bay we stopped at the two campgrounds to see what we missed. We are happy that they did not have any room for us.
The KOA is much much better.

This was our first parish. Sue & Frank were baptized here.
(Terri was baptized at The Miramar Naval Air Station Chapel.)
The mission has changed a lot; The backyard is now paved and the chicken coops are gone. Where we bought corn across the street from the farmers, the miles of cornfield are now condos.
The parish is also much larger now, they have 6 masses on Sunday and one on Saturday, and a big beautiful sounding choir. They sang an extra song after mass and got a standing ovation.

This was our first apartment, 3251 Monroe Street.
The neighborhood went down hill but the apartment still looks great.

No trip to San Diego is complete without a stop at the Zoo.

We listened to the Marine Corps Band from San Diego on July 4 th.
They played at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park.

While driving around Mission Bay Park, we came across a pond which is set aside just for model boats. Three days for sail and three days for power. They control sail trim and rudder. These guys are in a club which races every week.

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