San Diego, CA - Part 2

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San Diego is loaded with well manicured parks.

It brought back many memories while strolling through Balboa park. We went there alot in 1958-61.
(It was and still is free. Not much money during the Navy days)
Mom walked in the park with the kids while I went to class at SD City College.
They still have the free organ concerts.

Mission Bay Park was just a plan to convert a marsh into a recreational area when we left in 1961, but it has really turned into a beautiful area with many lakes, beaches, and plenty of parking. There are also soccer fields and Volley Ball courts. We even saw a combination of Soccer & Volley Ball. The net was about 3 feet high and there were 4 players on each side. The ball was never touched by hand but could bounce one time between hits. We went back to take a picture but they already stopped.

The city next to the campground is called Imperial Beach. It is the most southern-western city in the United States.

This is the pier which is located in downtown Imperial Beach. So being on the end of the pier is the most southern-western point in the US.

One of our favorite places - Torry Pines State Park - Glider Pad.

The high cliffs cause the constant landward wind to have a steady up draft.
Back in 1960 they had a winch which pulled the (old fashion) gliders out over the cliff to give them the air speed necessary to catch the up drafts. They also had a short runway which allowed a powered plane to take-off pulling a glider.

In this modern age, they use hang gliders and parachutes.
All they have to do is jump over the edge of the cliff!
Actually, the updraft catches them before the edge and lifts them up. A good pilot can stay in the air all day long.
This picture shows one parachute just lifting off, one up it the air, and a hang glider getting ready to run for the edge. There are several other parachutes in various stages of getting ready.

They also have an area set aside for model gliders. This was the largest model here. Unfortunately, it crashed.
Some of the smaller gliders really worked great - loops, turns and dives.

This is a picture of Torry Pines State Park Beach.
We use to come here alot. Back in 1960 it was too far for most San Diegans, so we usually had most of the beach to ourselves.

We keep the chairs in the back of the car. So it was a good time to relax on the cliffs and listen to the wind and the waves below.

This is in Mission Bay. The sun still did not burn off the haze.
It is also about 68 degrees and very windy!
What a change from the 116 of Las Vegas and Palm Springs

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