San Diego, CA - Part 4 - Musiker

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While driving in Mission Bay Park we passed a campground which had a "Welcome Musiker" sign displayed.
(This is the tour company which Luke worked for 3 summers)
We drove into the campground and looked around and found the rental truck which Luke told us about.

It's lunch time at Musiker.
We started taking pictures and the kids called the tour manager.

Mom called Luke on the cell phone to tell hime about the Musiker tour.
You can see their tents in the background.

The tour manager and food manager came out and wanted to know what we were doing. We told them that our son Luke Mekker worked for 3 summers with Musiker. They both said that they knew Luke. This is Beth (tour manager) and Scott (food manager). Scott said that Luke taught him everything!

Scott taught us everything he knew and made us honorary Musiker cooks!

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