Santa Barbara, CA

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We had an enjoyable 2 day visit with Lois and Bill and their son Ray. We talked about past memories and brought ourselves up-to-date with our families.

Delta is living with her husband in Minnesota and is still acting in local theater.

We went for a walk to the ocean, with Lois and Bill, its only about a 15 minute walk to the ocean from their house, but could not see much because the fog rolled in. But we did hear the ocean from the cliff top!

The campground was about 45 minutes (all freeway) from their house. It was on the other side of the mountian. The temperature at the campground was about 10 degrees hotter than at Santa Barbarba.

There is a Danish Village called Solvang near the campground. All the buildings were quaint little Danish architecture. Many bakery's, shops, and inns. We enjoyed strolling around and window shopping. We mailed some packages home from a Danish looking post office. They did accept american postage!

This is the front of Lois & Bill's house.

They have nut and fruit trees in the yard, the lemons are huge.
He cracked open some macadamian nuts and Lois baked some. They tasted great, both raw and baked.

We had a nice talk with Ray.
He enjoys his chemical work and is a happy family man.

One of the many inns in Solvang.

Buying special bread and bakery for Lois & Bill.

This was our second day here. We bought breakfast from this bakery today.

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