Carmel-Monterey, CA

The Monterey Peninsual

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On the road from Santa Barbara to Carmel we traveled on one of the most beautiful roads in the united states. California Highway 1, the "Pacific Coast Highway," is cut in the side of mountains and cliffs which drop off into the ocean. The shoreline is mainly rocky with some sand beaches below the cliffs.

Unfortunately, the weather did not support a leisurely dive up the coast. We had fog all the way. Most of the time the road was above the fog layer, so it was like being in an airplane above the clouds.

On the way, we stopped at Hearst Castle and took one of their guided tours. The pictures on "American Castles" look better than mine so I am not putting them on the WebSite.

We did not make reservations at Carmel and had a hard time getting a campsite. Because of a motorcycle race near Monterey, all campgrounds in the area were sold out for the weekend. We stayed Thursday night in a campground near Carmel then moved on to Santa Cruz.

We drove on the "17-Mile Drive" at Pebble Beach. Half of the trip was in fog, but it was still very interesting. The road pass through The Links at Spanish Bay, Spyglass Hill, Cypress Point, and Pebble Beach Golf Links. It also pass many beautiful houses as well as many sights along the shoreline.

The road was out of the fog, everything else was in it!
We could just barley see the water down below the cliff.

This bridge was on a side road to the Carmel River Campground. Most of the one mile long road was only one lane wide with only a few spots to let someone pass. Fortunately, we did not meet anyone comming the other way!
(We can't back while towing the Saturn.)

17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach

We are parked on the "Links at Spanish Bay" the road passes through the course.
Notice how the wind causes the tree to grow away from the ocean.

This is the view down the shoreline from the same point as the previous picture. Notice the fog bank which we are approaching?

One of the many picture which came out good.

Our last picture before going into the fog bank.
This is a very famous tree, "The Lone Cypress."
It would look much better if the fog was gone.
The tree has survived 250 years of storms as it clings to this lone rock.

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